The archives are currently under construction, however instead of disabling  the current archives we have made duplicates of the archives instead. This means the current archives will stay up, but they won't under go any updates. Because not updating would mean hours of work when the construction is finally done, we are updating the archives that are under construction instead, and allowing access to the duplicate archives which are under construction.

What is the construction, were updating every button in the archives to be  MFZ stylized. This means no more black boxes around the sprites and instead there are borders and backgrounds around the sprites which look infinitely better. Another purpose to this construction is the new buttons are all the same size, so now organization is much easier, and its looks infinitely better just as the buttons do. It is not all over the place anymore with clever placement.

This construction is a forum project "Archive Button Project 2007", members of the forum are creating these current buttons, the buttons are also part of the requirements now with submissions. The time of the project solely relies on the forum and how many help. The more the better, so if you are a member of the forums, please help with this project. Right now it looks a bit messy, but you can easily get the idea of what it will look like when its done.


(under construction)


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Below are the archives that aren't under construction. They are being left open for two reasons, one is so you don't have to look at the jumbled construction version, the other is incase if DBurraki or I mess up on a link and lose it in the construction, we can easily retrieve it from the below archives,  so no worries.





---  Each Section contains characters of its type  ----



MFZ Sprite Archives, all sprites within are to remain in the MFZ Archive, all Credits and Tags are to be followed.

MFZ  Sprite Archives are Litman. 2006. All rights reserved.

Do not Steal from this Archive, all sprites and arts belong to their respectful owners.







         Main Section

         -those we know best

          (ala Sonic himself)


         Others Section

         -More obscure

          characters, like

          Sally, TV & comics

          characters, etc.


         Badnicks Section

         -enemies from

          from the games,

          rivals, sub bosses,

          bosses, and monsters


         Alternate Universe

         -Sonic as Goku,

          Amy as a monkey,

          anything from an

          alternate universe

          is here


         Background & Items

        -BG's and themes

          we have too many :p

          Items and Tutorials


         Pixel Art Section

         -All pixel art

          is found here, both

          Official and Custom